10 Tips on How to Create a Great Online Directory Profile and Best SHOWCASE Your Company on DISASTER411.com

10 Tips on How to Create a Great Online Directory Profile and Best SHOWCASE Your Company on DISASTER411.com

A well written profile on any online directory can help introduce your company to a new audience of potential customers, add fans to your social media sites, back link to your website, and boost your SEO with Google.  These 10 Tips on How to Create a Great Online Directory Profile will apply for the most part to any industry, but are specifically designed to help educate emergency service providers and insurance restoration contractors who are interested in promoting their company and really SHOWCASING their services on DISASTER411’s Directory of Disaster Recovery Services.

  1. Make Sure That Your Company Name, Address, and Phone Number is Always Spelled Out Exactly the Same Way as it is on Your Website, Social Media Profiles, and Search Engine Listings.
  2. A Sharp Logo or Feature Image May Engage a User to Click on Your Profile.
  3. Feature Branded Images of Your Office, Team, Vehicles, Equipment, Job Sites, Projects, etc.
  4. Outline the Type of Calls You Want.
    • What Specific Services are You Wanting to Feature?  Rather than broadly listing your services, be descriptive and outline the process.  This method will not only paint a better picture to the reader of what you do and why they should call you, but will also help your effort in optimizing your keyword content with Google and the search engines.
    • Where Do You Want the Calls to Come From?  Incorporate naming the Top Cities, States, or Communities within your service area where you would ideally like your service calls to come from and help build your company’s customer base.
    • Who Do You Want to Call You?  Residential and Commercial are the two most common terms that may help a consumer know how a company may be licensed and initially determine which companies they call, but for the most part customers would rather find a specialist in the type of property they have.  For example, homeowner’s and property owners of apartments, commercial retail spaces,  hospitals, restaurants, industrial buildings, etc all have different types work environments and require different levels of expertise.  A well written description of your company’s capabilities or services along with testimonials from past customers and or job photos could very well make the difference in both the volume of calls and types of service calls you receive.
  5. Take the Time to Share Your Company’s Story and Its Unique Qualities such as:
    • “Family Owned Since 1967”
    • “Veteran Owned and Operated”
    • “Woman-Minority Owned Business”
    • Memberships
    • Affiliations
    • Direct Repair / Vendor Programs
    • Company Awards
    • Certifications, etc.
  6. If Your Company Has Invested in Video Then Sharing is a Must.
  7. Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Licensing Review Site Links Engage Visitors,Shows Company Transparency, and Encourages Them to Spend More Time on Your Profile.
  8. Use Social Media to Share Your Profile.
  9. Create an Online Advertorial Campaign That Offers Helpful Information and Back Links to Your Profile or Company Website.


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