Lance Buck | Online Publisher of DISASTER411.comDISASTER411.com is an online resource dedicated to help people PREPARE for an emergency event, REACT decisively when time is of the essence, SURVIVE in case they may be on their own, then RESTORE normalcy to their lives.


The mission is to provide a forum for those searching for disaster preparedness or recovery information, and deliver an array of industry expertise along with the ability to connect with local professionals who can help.


Lance Buck | Online Publisher



About DISASTER411.com

Disaster can strike at any time and in many different ways, so even the well prepared can be caught by surprise, but proactive planning to make reactive decisions can make the difference in survival of even the most catastrophic events.  DISASTER411’s collection of the best information made available by emergency responders, non-profit disaster relief agencies, insurance professionals, and property restoration experts can give you a solid foundation of disaster preparedness and synergize your family when you decide to implement a plan and build a survival kit for your home, car, and work.


DISASTER411.com is a leading resource for those who have been victimized by fire, flood, storm, earthquake, terrorism, etc., as well as for those industry professionals and volunteers who wish to provide their compassion along with their expertise.  Get the 411 on topics such as what to do and what not to do during an emergency, tips on understanding your insurance policy, and what you should know before you hire a contractor.


The DISASTER411.com Service Directory is comprised of local industry professionals who may offer an array of unique services.  Company profiles, references, and reviews are showcased in order to help provide the best information available to those reacting to an untimely occurrence and may possibly be in need of making timely decisions.


Disaster Related Topics Found on DISASTER411.com

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Survival
  • Disaster Relief
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disaster Restoration


What is the Meaning of Disaster?

dis·as·ter [dih-zas-ter, -zah-ster]


1. a calamitous event, especially one occurring suddenly and causing great loss of life, damage, or hardship, as a flood, airplane crash, or business failure.



What is the Meaning of 411?

411 [fawr-wuhn-wuhn]

1. a telephone number for directory information.

2. Informal.information or knowledge, usually about an event or activity and acquired by oral communication (often preceded by the  ).

Also, 4-1-1.



DISASTER411.com Provides:

·       Awareness to Many of the Disasters Affecting the World Today

·       Disaster Preparedness Information

·       Resources to React in Order to Help Restore Both Property and Lives

·       A Directory of Local Service Providers Throughout the Country

·       Opportunities to Showcase Philanthropy



DISASTER411 is for Everyone, but is Especially Here to Help:

·       Anyone Who Wishes to Plan and Prepare For an Emergency Situation

·       Those Who Have Been Victimized by a Disaster and Have Suffered Damage to Their Property Due to Fire, Water, Storm, Earthquake, etc.

·       First Responders

o   Fire Departments

o   Police Departments

o   Utility Companies

o   Etc.


·       Disaster Relief Agencies and Volunteers

o   Red Cross

o   FEMA


o   Salvation Army

o   Etc.


·       Insurance Industry Professionals

o   Insurance Companies

o   Insurance Agents and Brokers

o   Insurance Adjusters


·       Restoration and Other Specialty Trade Contractors

o   Air Conditioning / HVAC Technicians

o   Demolition and Abatement Contractors

o   Electricians

o   Plumbers

o   Roofers

o   Etc.


Ask About These Additional Internet Marketing Services DISASTER411 Can Help Insurance, Restoration, and Service Contracting Professionals Find a Solution For:

  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Website Remodeling
  • Social Media Setup and Maintenance
  • Videography
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns