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Bio Logic Inc. specializes in Biohazard and Emergency Clean Up Services. In an emergency or biohazardous situation you need a company that can get to the scene quickly, handle things in a professional manner, document any losses for your insurance company, do all that is required in the proper manner to meet state and local laws and of course show discretion and compassion when it is needed. At Bio Logic Inc., we are on call 24/7, can have our trained specialists in route to your location fast and handle each situation with the attention and care as if we were handling for our best friend or family. We serve with professional and courteous services. We believe that a business that just makes money is a poor business – there is much more to this than the clean up itself.

We offer a large variety of services related to clean-up. For instance there are our specialized services relating to biohazards, crime scene clean up, infectious disease clean up and even clean up from industrial accidents or spills. But we do other things too such as water and fire damage clean up, mold remediation. We offer services including everything from marijuana grow houses to cleaning up a home where someone had engaged in hoarding or had pets running wild. We also deal with the very serious issue of cleaning up after someone has unfortunately lost their life (Loss of life often leads to a biohazardous situation and improper clean up can create a dangerous situation and even big fines if clean up is done by anyone not licensed to deal with biohazardous situations – We are trained and licensed). In each of the cleanup situations listed we understand the need to answer your call immediately, to take all actions appropriate to help you get full and fast compensation from your insurance carrier and most of all to handle things in a manner where there is as little intrusion into your life as possible. Our job is take the cleanup burden out of your hands and get things back to normal as quickly possible.

If you have a biohazardous situation we understand that time is of the essence and so is safety. With that in mind we have our 10-step process begins with our 24/7 Emergency call center that will quickly send our biohazard technicians to your emergency. Upon arrival we will assess the situation, document your loss, remove hazardous materials, disinfect everything and provide you with a documentation showing the location has been cleaned and disinfected by licensed professionals and that it is safe to resume normal activities.

Biologic’s 10 Step Process is unique:

24/7 call center answered by the Chief Of Operations
Initial immediate response with appropriate resources
We document and initiate the Insurance Claim
We secure the scene for your safety
We remove all Biohazardous waste from the property
We disinfect any Biohazardous materials
We comprehensively disinfect the entire property
We provide you with Certified Clearance Testing results by a Professional Lab
We guarantee customer satisfaction
We deal with all Insurers and Payments

Our commitment to our clients is to provide the highest level of standards in Biohazard Clean Up and Emergency Services and follow all laws governed by the Florida and Georgia Departments of Health.

A Biohazard should never be cleaned up by untrained employees or cleaning crews as this could lead to costly fines. Our biohazard Company is highly trained in all aspects of building construction, blood borne pathogen removal, sterile techniques and proper disposal of medical wastes. Don’t leave your property and the safety of your loved ones to an unqualified contractor. Call us for any questions – we are available 24/7. We go further than required – we make a difference. And we document everything which increases your chances of a quick and reasonable settlement with your insurance company.

Christopher Thomas
BHS, WRT, CRT, IICRC-Certified Technician
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