SHOWCASE Sponsor Package Features and Benefits

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A SHOWCASE Sponsor Package is More than Just a Directory Listing… Includes Multiple Other Benefits and Promotional Opportunities to Display Your Expertise as an Industry Leader Whether You are a Small Local Business, Regional Service Provider, or Nationwide Company SHOWCASE Sponsor Package

  • Offers the Most Visibility and Best User Experience!
  • Includes listings in unlimited categories
    • Includes up to 4 “SHOWCASE SPOTLIGHT” Opportunities on landing pages such as:
    • An Exclusive Advertorial – Opportunity to build trust and credibility by providing helpful information pertaining to a relevant topic within your expertise and the ability to contact you if needed.
    • “TOP PROS” – Popular blog posts showcasing Top Local Service Providers in posts such as “LOS ANGELES, CA | 5 Top Fire Damage Repair and Smoke Restoration Contractors“.  (Company must be eligible and remain in good standing with the BBB or any applicable licensing regulation board to be featured – Questions…Ask for Details).
    • KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK – Feature a particular job well done or your philanthropy.
  • SHOWCASE Sponsor Packages include a Call Tracking Phone Number for each location
    • DISASTER411 will provide a call tracking phone number which forwards directly to your desired phone number for annual reporting and to help quantify your ROI.
    • Outgoing phone calls to DISASTER411 advertisers with call tracking numbers are digitally recorded and saved for reporting.  The caller will be notified at the beginning of the call with a message saying “This call may be recorded to improve customer service”.
    • Showcase advertisers will hear a whisper on the line at the beginning of the phone call saying “Incoming call from” to alert the sponsor with regard to lead generation.
  • Other Additional Opportunities That Are Only Available to SHOWCASE Sponsors:
    • Banner Advertising Opportunities
    • Email Newsletter Advertising Opportunities
    • Direct Mail and Marketing Campaigns


$1188 Annual Fee

  • Just $99 per month!
  • Option to Purchase Additional 12 Month SHOWCASE Sponsor Packages for Satellite Locations: $411 each
  • Option to Purchase Additional 12 Month Featured Listings in the DISASTER411 Directory for Satellite Locations: $114 each
  • Option to Purchase Additional Call Tracking Phone Numbers for Satellite Locations: $99 each
    • Your SHOWCASE Sponsor Package comes with (1) Call Tracking Phone Number for your Primary Location, but additional local numbers are extra.  A toll-free number with call tracking can be obtained for your Primary Location and used for Satellite Locations as well if your company has a call center at the main office.
  • Premium Advertisers “Get D411” Exclusive Offers and Discounts from DISASTER411 Media Partners


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