20 Things to Have in Your Car in Case of a Winter Travel Emergency

20 Things to Have in Your Car in Case of a Winter Travel Emergency

Having an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle is Always Important, but These 20 Things Could Be Essential to Have if Stranded During a Severe Winter Storm.



  1. Fuel – Try to always keep your fuel tank at least half full if possible.  It may be inconvenient to continually top off your tank, but you may find yourself in a long delay situation or immobile and need to continue running the heat.  WARNING – If your vehicle is stuck in snow and you continue to run the engine then make sure the area around the exhaust pipe is clear.  Stop the engine if you sense the fumes of the exhaust are being pushed back into the vehicle.
  2. Cell Phone and Car Charging Adapter
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Vital Medication
  5. Emergency Eyewear / Contacts and Solution
  6. Flashlight & Plenty of Fresh Batteries – Reverse batteries in flashlight to avoid accidental switching and burnout until needed.
  7. Essential Tools such as a Socket Set, Pliers, and Multi-Tool Pocket Knife
  8. Jumper Cables
  9. Windshield Ice Scraper with a Brush or Small Broom
  10. Small Shovel
  11. Road Salt, Sand, or Cat Litter for Traction
  12. Tow Chain or Heavy Rope
  13. NOAA Emergency Radio with Phone Charger
  14. Matches and Small Candles
  15. Water and Energy Snack Bars
  16. Gloves, Boots, and Warm Clothing
  17. Blankets or a Sleeping Bag
  18. Distress Signaling Devices to Be Seen – Emergency Road Flares, Flashers, Reflectors, Fluorescent Flag, and or a Mirror for Signaling
  19. Distress Signaling Devices to Be Heard – Distress Whistle and or a Air Horn
  20. Map of the Area


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 Safe Travels!