DISASTER411’s 2015 Pro Football Survivor Pool Challenge

DISASTER411’s 2015 Pro Football Survivor Pool Challenge

Updated October 8, 2015

After only 4 weeks in this early upset riddled season the survivor challenge has ended in a three way tie.

Congratulations to Chas Nickells, Rob Clarke, and Steve Garner for outlasting the rest of the field, but since all of them picked the Raiders this week they were all knocked out of the challenge together.

Thank you to those who participated and we look forward to a bigger challenge next year!



In an effort to help create a greater awareness to September being National Preparedness Month while also kicking off the beginning of the 2015 NFL Football Season, DISASTER411 MEDIA invites you to participate in a fun interactive event with your colleagues.

Casual football fans and face painted fanatics alike are encouraged to see how long they can last in a quest to advance toward a perfect season of picking just one winning NFL team per week.



1.  Create a Fun Annual Campaign Aimed to Generate Greater Awareness to National Preparedness Month.

  • In 2004 FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) declared September to be National Preparedness Month and began focusing on a greater public awareness of potential disasters and tips on how to prepare for such an emergency event.
  • The popularity of the NFL (National Football League) has never been higher thanks to the millions of fantasy football players around the world and to those who participate in weekly “pick em” games or “survivor” pool challenges, like this one.
  • This is a great opportunity for both participants and sponsors alike to use America’s favorite game as a platform to educate on disaster preparedness.


VIDEO – National Preparedness Month Kickoff | FEMA Ready.gov

VIDEO – September is National Preparedness Month | FEMA Ready.gov


2.  Engage Social Interaction Between a Community of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Professionals.

3.  Recognize Event Sponsors.

4.  Build a Platform to Empower a Sense of Philanthropy.

  • Generate an awareness of how easy it is to create a fundraiser on helpful websites like Crowdrise.com and empower the ability to potentially inspire a positive impact.


VIDEO – Ed Norton Explains Crowdrise.com and How You Can Create a Fundraiser



The CONCEPT: How to Play in a Football Survivor Pool

What is a Football Survivor Pool?

  • Pick just 1 NFL Game Winner each week until incorrect then eliminated from the challenge, or until all of the other participants are eliminated, or until the season ends.
    • Ties will be counted as losses
    • No point spreads involved – just pick a winner
  • You cannot pick the same team to win again throughout the 17 week regular season, so pick carefully.
  • If 2 or more entries are still alive when the NFL Playoffs start then the field will be reset so that a team which was likely picked prior would then again be available to be picked one more time during the playoff and Super Bowl period.
  • If 2 or more entries are still alive just prior to the Super Bowl then they will be asked to also pick the score of the game to help determine the final rankings of the challenge in case of a tie.



1.  CLICK HERE to Enter DISASTER411’s Football Survival Pool Challenge hosted by RunYourPool.com

  • The 2015 NFL Season starts on Thursday September 10th with one game between the Steelers and the Patriots, but be sure to sign up for free and make your winning pick for Week 1 before the Sunday’s first games on September 13th.


  • 1 Free Entry Per Person/Email Address – Group Email Addresses such as info@ will likely not be able to receive the email updates and therefore are not recommended.
  • This Free Challenge will be limited to the first 5000 disaster recovery industry professionals and DISASTER411.com site visitors who enter.
  • Contestants of this pro football survivor pool challenge will receive email updates which may recap the prior week, give insight on the upcoming week, and provide prize pool updates donated by our sponsors.

2.  Share This Fun Office Pool Contest With Your Coworkers and Clients!

3.  Pick One WINNING TEAM that Survives the Week and Continue in the Challenge.  (Pick carefully because you can only select a team once.)

4.  Check Weekly Reports to See How You Rank Against the Field and Have Some Fun!

5.  Sponsorship Opportunities are Currently Available for Companies that Wish to Showcase Their Services and Potentially Contribute to a Prize Pool.



  • This is a free contest that should not be misunderstood as gambling, so there will be no cash awarded.
  • DISASTER411 is currently in the process of confirming prizes to be donated by potential sponsors and will be updating the prize information on the site throughout the contest.
  • Email updates will be sent to those who have entered the challenge with regard to the prize pool.
  • All prizes will be announced throughout the season as confirmed and a reflection to the number of participants in the challenge.
  • Prize donations and sponsorship opportunities will continue throughout the season, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to help sponsor this event!


CONTACT US If you are interested in sponsoring this event and donating to the prize pool 


Thank You So Much For Your Participation!