5 Reasons Why a Donation Drive Will Make You a Better Contents Restoration Company

5 Reasons Why a Donation Drive Will Make You a Better Contents Restoration Company

By Lance Buck | (@DISASTER411)


April 18, 2016


Contents restoration companies are constantly inheriting items that are often deemed to be non-salvageable by an insurance company or unwanted by the owner, but still may retain more value to someone than to the dumpster.

I understand that you’re not in the business of finding those people, but if you do wish to be known for being in the business of helping people recover then I would like to propose an idea for you to consider.

The benefits of philanthropy are priceless, but here are 5 reasons to consider implementing a donation drive to benefit a disaster relief agency within your community such as The Salvation Army or a homeless shelter.


1. A Charitable Company Culture is Something that Employees Can Be Proud of.

Empower your employees along with your customers to help make a difference to charitable causes in need of food, clothing, household essentials, furniture, toys, or cash.


2. Be Perceived as a Leading Company by Caring for Your Community and Inspiring Others to Do the Same.

Invite some industry partners and allow them to become a cosponsor to your event.


3. PR Campaigns are Natural Opportunities to Create More Awareness of Your Company along with the Services You Provide.

Promoting such an event for 60-90 days allows more opportunities to engage with your clients and encourage them to become more involved with you and your company.


4. A Donation Drop Off Area at an Open House Event Should Help Ensure that Your Facility Shines and is Ready for Visitors.

The thought of hosting an open house event can scare some companies from ever trying simply because their workplace is a mess. Take the opportunity to do some housekeeping and take pride in your facility.


5. A Regular Event or Ongoing Campaign Will Almost Certainly Set You Apart and Allow You to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


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