7 Quick Tips to Help Prepare for an Emergency

7 Quick Tips to Help Prepare for an Emergency

The American Red Cross encourages every family to prepare at least a 3 Day Emergency Evacuation Kit and a 2 Week Supply of Food and Water for Your Home.


Here are Some Things to Consider and Help You Prepare:

1.  Store at Least 1 Gallon of Water for Each Person per Day…Don’t Forget Your Pets.

2.  Build an Emergency Kit for Your Home, Car, and possibly even your Work.

3.  Prioritize Your Potential Long Term Needs and Make Modest Weekly or Monthly Investments that Fit Within Your Budget.

4.  Make a Plan, Share It with Primary Contacts, and Establish Meeting Places.

5.  Keep important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records in a waterproof, portable container Ready to GO!

6.  Keep Your Vehicle Fueled and Ready to GO!

7.  Be Informed.  Learn About What Types of Disasters  or Emergencies May Occur in Your Area, How Local Authorities May Notify You, and Share What You Have Learned.

  • Consider Purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio with Alerts



Here are Some Helpful Resources and Links to Help Prepare for a Disaster: