Resources for Contractors

State Departments of Contractors Licensing and Regulation Links

It should be noted that each state operates differently, and many of them do not require contractor licensing at the state level.  Some states regulate general contractors at the city or county level. 

Each link listed below should direct you to a state department which may be able to answer specific questions with regard to the states policies pertaining to contractors.  Ultimately it is up to you to gather any specific information with regard to the potentially changing laws and departments pertaining to contractors.

* Indicates States Where General Contractors are Likely to Be Regulated at the City or County Level and Need to Be Verified.


Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors

Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing

Arizona Registrar of Contractors

Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board

California Contractors State License Board

* Colorado State Electrical Board

* Colorado Examining Board of Plumbers

Connecticut Department of Professional Licensing

* Delaware Division of Professional Regulation

Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board

Georgia State Licensing Board for Residential and Commercial Contractors

Hawaii Department of Commerce

Idaho Division of Building Safety

* Illinois Division of Professional Regulation

* Indiana Plumbing Commission

Iowa Division of Labor

* Kansas

* Kentucky Electrical Licensing Section

* Kentucky Division of HVAC

* Kentucky Division of Plumbing

Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Maine Office of Licensing and Regulation

Maryland Home Improvement Commission

Massachusetts State Board of Building Regulations

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs: Builders Unit

Minnesota Residential Building Contractors

Mississippi State Board of Contractors

* Missouri

* Montana Contractor Registration Unit

* Nebraska Department of Labor

Nevada State Contractors Board

* New Hampshire Plumbers Licensing Board

* New Hampshire Electricians Licensing Board

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

New Mexico Construction Industries Division

* New York

North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors

North Dakota Secretary of State

Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board

Oklahoma Construction Industries Board

Oregon Construction Contractors Board

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

South Carolina Contractors Licensing Board

* South Dakota State Electrical Commission

* South Dakota State Plumbing Commission

Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Utah Department of Commerce

* Vermont Department of Public Safety

Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

* Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

West Virginia Division of Labor

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

* State of Wyoming Department of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety