Creating a Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

Creating a Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

By: Fire Tech Protection Services – Scottsdale, AZ

On top of installing a smoke alarm and a fire sprinkler system, you should also come up with a fire escape plan so you know what to do in case of a fire. This plan gives you and your family a smart and safe way to escape the dangers of a fire.


Use the following tips to come up with your own escape plan:


1. Draw a Floor Plan

Create a floor plan of your home and mark off all exits. This gives you a chance to map out the fastest way to escape if there is a fire in your house. You should make a few copies of this floor plan and put them throughout your home. When your family can easily reference this plan, it quickly reminds them of the best exit in case of an emergency.


2. Talk About a Meeting Area

It is also important to find a meeting area where you and your entire family can congregate once you get out of the house safely. Decide on a meeting area that is a safe distance away from the home so you can all get outside and find each other. You should not go back inside the home until the fire department comes and tells you that everything is safe.


3. Practice Your Escape

Once you figure out the escape plan, it is important to practice it a few times a year. Practicing the plan helps everyone learn what to do in the case of an emergency, and will make an emergency that much less stressful if one ever occurs.


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